Song of Solomon 1:2, 1 Thessalonians 4:3, 4:7)

Is kissing OK? Kissing is OK only when it is your husband or wife who you are kissing, PERIOD! Oh boy, I can already see the eyes rolling back. I know you might be wondering what chapter and verse in the Bible says "thou shalt not kiss unless you are married." Well....there is NO SUCH VERSE in the Bible.

***Please note. I am NOT talking about people in your family who share a kiss on the cheek out of love. Grandmothers, you can still kiss your grandchildren. Mothers and fathers, you can still kiss your children. Nor am I talking about what the Bible calls a "holy kiss" which is a greeting. I am talking about kissing in a romantic sense.

However, the Bible is VERY CLEAR about the issue of being pure and avoiding sexual sins. God's plan for intimacy between a man and woman is only in the bonds of marriage, PERIOD. That means NO SEX. Fornication is clearly defined over and over in the Bible as a sin and means ANY sexual act between people who are not married. Jesus actually set the standard in this area when He said that if a man even lusts after a woman who is not his wife, he has committed the sin of adultery. Lust is a sin. Let me repeat that so you understand, LUST IS A SIN. So to even lust after someone who is not your spouse is clearly a sin.

So what is so wrong with two people who are not married kissing? First, it is a very intimate act. Again, that type of intimacy God designed for those who are married. Second, kissing is like the fuse on a stick of dynamite. If you are not married and you know that sex is out of the question until you are, on top of that, lusting after someone who is not your spouse is called a sin, all kissing someone can do is open the door that can lead to sexual activity and clearly open the door to lust.

The fact is, GOD LOVES YOU. Some will read this today and think God doesn't want me to have any fun. Quite the opposite. Everything God teaches is to INSURE that you have the most abundant life possible. As I say so often, if we do it God's way it works, if we do it our way it doesn't. God's way brings blessings and our way brings consequences. Those who follow God's way in the area of romance and save themselves for that one special person God intends you to spend the rest of your life with, know how special intimacy with your spouse can be. Those who have not followed God's plan in this area of your life realize that something God created to be so special can be very unfulfilling. It is like a hungry man who does it his way by stopping at McDonalds, instead of doing it God's way and enjoying a 5-course feast that is waiting for you at home.

I hope this message makes you think twice about something most people take for granted. You see how disgusting satan is? He is the great perverter. He takes kissing, something special that God created for a man and wife to share, and has cheapened it to become something most people do without even thinking twice. I can only encourage you today to save your kisses for the person who God brings into your life to share this journey with as your husband or wife.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller