The key lesson is that we should NEVER take for granted what we have or what we have in Christ. All that we have is a gift from God. We must realize that anything we have in this life is temporary. The people that are in our lives, the places that we live, the jobs that we do, the resources that we have....are all temporary. They can change in a moment's notice. One dear brother and sister in England that have been part of Liveprayer since day one operate a large farm. Last year they watched 70 years of hard work by their family destroyed overnight by the terrible problem they had in that country with diseased animals.

I do not mean to scare you today, or try to intimidate you in any way into getting more serious about your walk with Jesus. I am simply trying to point out that so often we get comfortable in our life. We begin to take the blessings of God for granted. We get apathetic about the things that go on around us. In that process, we let our guard down and forget how dependent upon the Lord that we really are. We forget that without Him, "we can do nothing!!!" We lose sight of the fact that He, not we, are in control of the things that go on around us.

The storms of life can come at any moment, and without warning. It is imperative that we always be prepared. Not in a paranoid sense of waiting for bad things to happen, but prepared spiritually knowing that no matter what happens, God is still on the throne. He is always in total control. He allows the things that happen to us, happen. The logical question is why? The only legitimate answer is nobody knows but God. It is in those times that our faith must become real. We must trust Him that no matter what. He has His plan and purpose at work, and it is our job to exercise our faith and trust in Him at all times.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Now is the time to press into Him. Get closer to the Lord than ever before. He is our only refuge in times of trouble. His promises are true, and He will not leave you nor forsake you. His love is real and unconditional. I will be praying today for you to open your hearts and receive all He has for you this day as you walk through the valley, and back onto the mountaintop.

Jesus warned His disciples just hours before going to the cross that in this world they would have tribulation. He then encouraged them by telling them to "be of good cheer, for I have overcome this world." Amen! What a promise!

That means no matter what you are facing in your life today, Christ has overcome that circumstance or situation. He has already won the victory. You can't lose no matter what it may look like if you are with Jesus. He will ALWAYS have the final word in every situation. Our lives can change in a split second, but our God NEVER CHANGES!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If you have not made the decision to accept Christ into your heart and life by faith, the Bible says that TODAY is the day of salvation. Pray to ask God to open your heart, read the words, pray the prayer, and accept today God's gift to you of everlasting life through His son Jesus Christ.