God did not put women on the earth for your sexual pleasure. They are not sexual objects. God created the woman to be a lifetime partner for the man, 100% equal but with different roles to play. Sexual object is NOT one of those roles but is actually a perversion of God's precious creation! Sadly, there are too many women willing to play that perverted role of sexual object which only reinforces in the minds of many men this is what women are for. Women need to realize that God created them in His own image and they have eternal worth. Their value is in who they are in Christ, not their bodies. Women, don't let satan lie to you that you are here simply as a sexual object!

I speak often of the fact that the better percentage of the last two generations have never been to church. These are people who do not know Christ as their Savior, nor do they follow God's Word in their life. The men in these generations have grown up with the worlds view of sex and have never known God's plan for their sex life. Subsequently these men have sexual histories that almost always include pornography, strip clubs and adult bookstores, masturbation, sex with many partners, sex with women and men, sex with prostitutes, adultery, and relationships that were based solely on sex. THESE MEN VIEW WOMAN AS LITTLE MORE THAN SEX OBJECTS. Sadly, they have never known sex the way God intended it to be.

What is God's way? What is God's plan for sex? Don't forget that it is God who created sex. It is His gift to a man and woman that have made a lifetime commitment to each other and to God in His Holy Institution of Marriage. PERIOD. Any sex outside of marriage is a perversion of God's intended plan and is a sin. Sex is for marriage ONLY! When people buy the lies of this world about sex, engage in sex outside of God's plan, they miss the wonderful joy that sex is intended to be. While they may experience a few moments of physical pleasure, they totally miss the special bond between the woman God has given you to spend the rest of your life with. THAT is the real joy of sex that can't be duplicated or experienced any other way!