"A Battle with Cancer - God's Harvest"

To one and all:

I am Blessed beyond measure and want to thank you for your concern and prayers during my recovery these pass 7 months! I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer back in May, 2003. This past month, March 2005, I underwent all kinds of tests. A few days ago, my Doctor called and said all is well with you Priscilla, all is well! I can now shout for joy and say I am cancer free!

\o/\o/\o/ Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord! \o/\o/\o/

My oncologist is still amazed at how well my body tolerated the chemo therapy.. On each visit (Dr. Ardman) would smile and shake his head and say, "I'm still overwhelmed at your progress." He knew he was part of a miracle in progress. \o/ So many people came forward to pray and lay hands on me. So many Warriors to thank from near and far. For my loving Family who embraced me through it all, to Pastor Hal and Dawn, who diligently had prayer time for me each day and every week. The loving members from Church, who called or came to my home and encouraged and Blessed me with their Love.. To each one who sent me flowers and cards of encouragement, I thank you.. To my online prayer partners, thank God your always just an email away, God Bless you.. And to my friend Scott Hamrick a Prophet of God, who drove all the way from Georgia with his family to Massachusetts, because the Lord called upon him to come and lay hands on me!!! To Scott and Dee, to your son and daughter, thank you so much for your obedience to God. I know you will be Blessed beyond measure dear friends. Am I Blessed or am I Blessed! Praise You Jesus! There is no way I could ever thank each of you properly.

How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to be a witness for the Glory of God.. Some of you probably didn't hear, in October I fell in my kitchen and fractured the fibula bone in my leg.. I tripped over the oxygen cord, daaa. While the technician was wrapping my leg in a cast I asked the Lord, where to next Lord? I guess He wants my undivided attention again, Ok Lord, I'm yours! Yup, 7 weeks in a cast, and I am so thankful the cast was removed last week. Praise You Jesus. :-))))

May I impose on you for more prayer, for an abundant increase in my lung function. The heavy doses of chemo diminished my lung capacity. We know prayer works, I'm on medication now, and praying for a full recovery. The Lord hasn't brought me this far without cause... I continue my journey through God's Grace.. I am Truly Blessed!

Once again thank you for your continued love, support and prayers..

Lovingly; Priscilla, \o/\o/\o/

Sadly, Priscilla passed away to be with her Lord
and Savior in Heaven, April, 2005. May she be
remembered for her brave struggle and
wonderful Christian attitude.


" I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. I will not refuse to do something I can do". Helen Keller;

The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor;