Hello fellow brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Its been long since i have signed in. That's because for some months, I let satan rock me on his lap.......... I let satan mess with my head, with my studies and most of all with my relaltionship with my Best Friend- "JESUS."

I had all that a child of the world would want- money, boy friends, all kinds of pleasure, fame..... You name it i had it!!!!!!!!!! but i didnt have happiness. i missed my Lord.

In march, just after my final year exams in school were over, I flew to my native country, India. (I was residing in United Arab Emirates) I am in india now, righting my admission tests, for college. During the last week of April, I was forced to sit for prayer at my cousin's place. It's there that the Lord talked to me. He called me back with His arms wide open; He called me back. With tears in my eyes, I ran to my Best Friend.... My Lord! I have repented for all the sins I have commited and the peace of the Lord, now flows in my heart!! \o/\o/ Halleuliah!!

I am currently preparing for my entrance exams, to various colleges. It has been my heart's desire to become a doctor and work for the Lord. I have wanted to get admission into Christian Medical College, Velore, India, ever since I was 12 years of age. If it is the Lord's will, I will definitely get in there. I would like you all to keep me in your prayers. Along with me, do remember my cousin Matthew, at whose home I was touched by the Lord in March. He, too, is seeking admission into the same college.

May the peace and love of our Lord, that surpasses all understanding, be with you all at all times, now and forever more.

God BLess You

Yours In Christ,