I was sent to a church when I was too young to tell time.. and they made me a practice time keeper.
God hid His Word into my heart.. and He spoke to me.. but I ask Him not to talk to me, as I did not know His Voice.
My Dad raped me when I was 4, I was put down a water well with cold water pumped down on me, tied out in the woods to a tree with my arms behind my back and around the tree and Mom came with a flashlight to un-tie me. At 12 years old, I was given to a man 40 for marriage if he built my folks a house.. which he did..and at 16.. Mom left me in Chicago with this man..
Married at 17.. widowed just before my 48th birthday..
and the many wonderful things God gave me, including Salvation when I was 24.. an adopted Daughter at 25 because I was unable to have a child because of the damage.. and now, a new marriage to a man that I ask God for.. and described him , red hair, blue eyes, 6'2 and CHRISTIAN.. within a week to ten days, he walked right up to me at My Church Fellowship..
Lesson Learned.. I was never alone.. God was always there for me.. and I use this as My Testimony to tell others, not to be a victum.. but an achiever.. to over come their past and use it for God's Glory.. It happened to me, but it does not define who I am.

When I look in the mirrow and am having a down day.. I say to my reflection.. Neoma, you are not homley, you are not dumb.. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.. AND DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NEOMA ? YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER.. YOUR REAL FATHER.. CREATED IN HIS IMAGE..

I think we are so programed to look at ourselves negatively, that we come to believe what people say about us.. and the TRUTH IS.. IT IS A LIE.. RIGHT FROM THE PIT OF HELL..

My Daughter will be 35 Dec. 1st.. she is a Hydro-Geologist.. Her Daddy.. we were married almost 31 years.. and I held him in my arms when he passed from Life to Eternal Life..

We may not escape the bad things that happen to us.. But We do not have to Mimic them in our own life..
I was sent by God to talk to my Mom.. Dad died when I was 15.. God said, go to her.. My Pastor said, stay away.. I felt such an urgency to go to her.. and she looked at me and said, what are you doing here ? God had said, If I Did Not Forgive Her.. NEITHER WOULD HE FORGIVE ME..

I said, I came to take you home with me.. I took her to the beauty shop, bought her several new outfits all the way through with shoes and purse and we went to a Charles and Frances Hunter Crucade.. and SHE ACCEPTED JESUS AS HER SAVIOUR AND LORD..

One month later, she walked right into The Arms Of God..
See, You do not have to be perfect.. But You Do Have To Be Forgiven and Cleansed By His Shed Blood.. water Baptised is a sign of Death, Burial and Ressurection.. and I Praise His Holy Name.. That He Can Use Me.. Right Here and Now.. to Tell You This, NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD.. HE LOVES YOU.. AND ME..
Sis. Neoma

Copywrite : Neoma Clymer October 6, 2004
Forwarded by:
Pastor Paul Ciniraj,
Salem Voice, Devalokam (P.O),
Kottayam, Kerala-686038, INDIA.