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This is Luvs mom and dad. He passed away May, 1997. We miss him and love him so much!! She is now running the family business and a large business it is, indeed. She moved the business to a local Industrial Park into a brand new building!!! \o/\o/\o/ YOU GO, MOM. She use to be a Cosmetologist or a "hair dresser" as she so often puts it. These two people are very special people. They both knew/know the Lord and have a past to prove it! To know them well is to know this! NOW MY MOTHER IS REMARRIED AND I HAVE A NEW STEP FATHER! THEY WERE MARRIED MARCH 26, 2004.



Chris was born in 1984.

Carly lives in Fairhope, AL with her boyfriend.

SHAWNNA was born November, 1994. She loves to ride the horse, play on the computer, create things in PSP and go to church.. MY HOME PAGE

ARIELLE was born November, 1995. I love to play on my computer, to learn (Straight A Student), and watch tv with mom and dad. MY HOME PAGE

HANAH is the baby girl and was born Feburary, 1997. I love to help my mom, ride the horse, hang with mom and play. MY HOME PAGE

CW was born July, 1999. I love my mom and dad, my big brother Chris, my sisters -geesh, I have so many- and I LOVE Spiderman, to eat & aggravate my sisters! Mommy tells me I am a "special" person. My Home Page


Carl, the father of this bunch. My job is Electronic Engineer and Technician. I work on pagers, two way radios, and super computers. I build and repair computers in my spare time as a hobby. I work as Computer Support with the county and with radio stations. My Email Address is CDFOSTER@DEASWEB.COM

DeAndra, the mother of this bunch and married to the wonderful Carl. Born in September. A Web Designer and Graphic Artist. Has an Associate of Science degree in Office Systems Technology with emphasis on Legal Secretary. My family and I serve the Lord through the "TRAVELING BANNER MINISTRY." We love the Lord!!! \o/\o/\o/\o/

Luvs' mam-maw and papa in February, 2001.

Mam-maw & Papa have now passed away. We miss them both! She and papa were married 61 years; January 21, 1940. Papa's birthday is February 12, 1919 and still rockin'! YOU GO, PAPA!<<SMILE>>


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