A day never goes by,
When I don’t think of You.
You’re my inspiration,
My dearest Friend so true.

You help me through my mornings,
And all throughout my day.
You’re even with me in the night,
You never go away.

You’re there when troubles find me,
And when my day feels long.
When I’m weak You carry me,
And hold me till I’m strong.

When I feel sad and lonely,
You whisper in my ear.
That You will always love me,
And that You’re always here.

You never walk away from me,
No matter what I do.
Instead you take me by the hand,
And lead me back to You.

So much joy and happiness,
Comes from You my Friend.
I’ll cherish You and love You,
Until the very end.

Friends like You are hard to find,
There’s no one else like You.
There’s no one I can count on,
The way I count on You.

Oh Jesus I am speechless,
At all you do for me.
You even gave Your life,
So I could be set free.

Jesus You’re my Best Friend,
No one else will do.
You mean everything to me,
And I’ll always love You.


This graphic was made by Diane Sather,
Webdesigner and Graphic Artist



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"Friends Will Be Friends"