The Rain is God's Refreshing Reign

"Along Life's Road"

Along life's road, I've noticed this,
The grandest sights we often miss,
And fail to see the lovely things,
And miss the joy that seeing brings:

The flowers that bloom along the way,
The setting sun at close of day,
The mountains, valleys, streams, and trees-
We seem to miss the sight of these.

God left it all to us, I guess,
To help ourselves to happiness;
And yet we grumble and complain
Of too much drought or too much rain,

Of too much heat or too much cold,
All through our lives, until we're old,
We kick and growl and fret and fuss,
And all is wrong that's given us.

The way to live, it seems to me,
Is just to try our best to see,
The pleasant side of everything;
Instead of grumbling, try to sing

A song of praise and thankfulness,
For all that's ours of happiness,
And pay the Lord a compliment
For all the blessings He has sent.
- Author Unknown

NOTE: from page designer: sounds like Helen Steiner Rice to me. DF

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