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I'm not sure what we fear about repentance - turning our hearts and lives to God?

God will not only receive us; He will also redeem us and remake us. But that repentance is so often hard for us to do. We get stuck in old patterns of destructive and addictive behavior. We believe Satan's deceptive lies.
We use self-deprecating thoughts to defeat the Spirit's work in ourselves. So why not come clean and confess our sins and truly turn our lives over to God?
If we will, we will find something truly refreshing! \o/\o/\o/

"Holy and righteous Father, I am not sure why I so doggedly hold on to some of my "pet" sins. Part of me wants to break free of these stumbling blocks, but part of me doesn't. I need your help in turning myself fully over to you. Please send your healing, cleansing, and refreshing power through the Holy Spirit to help me as I commit in my heart to fully and completely turn my life over to you. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen."


Song, "Old Rugged Cross"


Make me a lamp
that lights up a room,
Make me a light
that no darkness consumes,
give me a reason
to turn on that light,
show me your way
as I walk through the night.

Open my heart
and kindle that flame,
as I step in your steps
and call out your name,
a lamp that's not hidden
or can be ignored,
doing what you expected,
as I answer the door.

Shine out your light, Lord
to those who need sight,
teach me your ways in
pursuit of what's right,
brighten the day,
with a beam from your light,
Give strength for today,
and a touch of your might.

Grace & Peace to You
God Bless You

--Author Unknown
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contact me, the webdesigner.