Song, "More Precious Than Silver"

by R. Volland - as God spoke unto his heart

Written June, 2003--
How does one approach this subject from a scriptural position? This statement is not found in the Bible and used to describe our LORD. However, you find it pointed to in so many ways throughout the Bible. As I sat down to write this several scriptures immediately popped into my mind. It seems that there was a heavy concentration in the Psalms as Psalm 1, 23, 19, 33, 34, 91, 100, 103, 119, and 150 came immediately to my heart along with Jeremiah 1:5.

In Psalm 1, my LORD who truly is More Precious Than Silver tells me how to live a life that sets me apart specifically for HIS work. HE desires to transform me from an everyday, ordinary, common man into a fruit bearing child of GOD that delights in HIM and HIS word. Hallelujah! \o/

In Psalm 23, I find my LORD ever-present in my every day life leading me into peace, prosperity and righteousness. Giving me HIS peace that is beyond human understanding and helps me understand and appreciate even HIS correction in my life. As well as assuring me that HE is committed to meeting my every need as I walk hand in hand with HIM. Hallelujah! \o/

In Psalm 19, HE assures me that every single element of HIS creation bears witness of HIM to me: of HIS existence, love, mercy, grace and reality. This testimony that continually surrounds me is heard and seen by all, though many deny it. My Precious LORD then assures me of the completeness and character building qualities of HIS word. Hallelujah!

In Psalm 33, HE assures me that he has made the hearts of all men the same way, with a place that can only be filled by HIM. And this includes ME and YOU! Hallelujah! \o/

In Psalm 34, HE encourages me to bless, praise, and extol HIM at all times and in every circumstance in my life. “O taste and see that the LORD is good, blessed is the man who trusts and takes refuge in HIM.” Hallelujah! \o/

In Psalm 91, I come to know the value of HIS protection and the security under the shadow of HIS wings. Not only is HE my GOD, HE is my salvation! Hallelujah! \o/

In Psalm 100, I am assured that HE alone is my creator. HE gives me the opportunity, permission, and right to Praise HIM for making me all that I am. Hallelujah! \o/

In Psalm 103, I learn of the completeness of HIS mercy and grace as he awakens me to the truth of how far HE has separated me from my sins. Hallelujah! \o/

In Psalm 119, the LORD again assures me of the completeness of his word, and the results in my heart, countenance, and actions, when HE alone is my guide. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Hallelujah! \o/

In Psalm 150, the LORD assures every person on this earth past, present, and future of their absolute freedom to praise, worship, and Exalt HIM with Every breath. Hallelujah!


And lastly I have claimed the verse Jeremiah 1:5 to be as true to me as it was to Jeremiah. "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. I know my LORD loves me as much as HE does Jeremiah, and created me for HIS purpose just as HE did Jeremiah. Hallelujah! \o/

(Editorial note: I confess that this explanation is exceedingly inadequate! Forgive me please! I also assert that if each of us desired to his own explanation of how the LORD is More Precious Than Silver each would be different and most beautiful. The greater our exposure to and possession in our heart of HIS word, the harder it is to complete this task with a minimum of words. Hallelujah! I have HIS word on and in my heart. Amen)

Yours in Jesus,

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