...........* THIS BRIDGE

One Night I Had A Glorious Dream;
I Was Walking Across THIS BRIDGE It Seemed;
I Was Oh So Tired And Out Of Breath,
As If I Was Oh, So Close To Death.

I Felt As If I Couldn't Take One More Step,
When To My Surprise, Right Before My Eyes,
There Was A Man Standing There
With His Arms Open Wide.

He Was Dressed In A Robe Of White,
And Oh, He Was Such A Beautiful Sight!
Now This Dream Was Before I Was Born Again,
For I Was Living A Life Full Of Sin.

At Times I Was Not Very Nice,
And Never Did I Ever Think Much About Christ;
But I Was Getting Closer And Closer In Sight
And Wanted So For Him To Hold Me Tight.

I Wanted So To See His Face,
But It Was As If It Were Erased.
I Needed So To Look Into His Eyes,
When All Of A Sudden I Opened Mine.

Now That I Look Back And I See,
The Time Was Just Not Meant To Be;
For He Was Telling Me That THIS BRIDGE I Cross,
Neither Am I Alone Nor Am I Lost.

For He Is The One Who Is Leading The Way,
And I Am The One Who Is Following Today;
For Now I Am Truly Born Again,
Knowing Someday That THIS BRIDGE Will End.
--author unknown

Song, "The Greatest Love"


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