Some terms you might want to know

DNS - or Domain Name Server - The computer that will handle the domain name and the DNS numbers associated with that domain name. example of dns #'s - 123.45.678.9

DOMAIN NAME - the web address viewers will enter into the web browser to view a website. (i.e. Domain names must be payed for each month or a year or at a time.

Internet Hosting Company or ISP - the company that will keep your website online 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Someone out there has to keep a computer "server" running constantly to keep web sites online. I recommend

Hosting Packages - The differant packages a host company provides for differant web site needs. Big e-commerce sites use the bigger plans like "advanced" and "webmaster. The average web site usually uses the "basic" or "starter" or "standard" plan and gets 1 - 15 email accounts.

ISP - Internet Service Provider - the cable, phone company or whomever provides your connection to the internet.

"No to little Scroll" Rule - The viewer of a website should not have to scroll far downward or back and forth to view a website.

WC3 Compliant - The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international consortium where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential.*

*quoted from The World Wide Web Consortium website.


DOMAIN NAME =; org; net; tv; info; biz; us ...
HOSTING PACKAGE = ie Who is going to keep your website online 24/7

STEP ONE: Go to and purchase a domain name. (if you would like for me to help you come up with a domain name, please feel free to ask.) Now, purchase a domain name for either one year or two years. For first-time web sites, I recommend just one year for a trial basis.
I Recommend GoDaddy because they are reliable, well backed up and not pricey.

: As you are signing up for the domain name, sign up for a hosting package. I recommend the "basic" hosting package unless your website is going to consist of 30 or more pages or a heavy shopping cart.

STEP THREE: Tell Cedant to email your webdesigner with the necessary information for building your web site. This information is 1) the IP address 2) username 3) password 4) FTP information or have it forwarded to me as soon as you receive it from GoDaddy.

You can cut and paste the following into your request for a package from GoDaddy:


Please send me the IP address, username, password, FTP information and any other data she will need to create my website and/or email(s) once my account has been set up. Thank you.


STEP FOUR: Pay for the domain and hosting services.

NOTE: You can pay for your hosting by the month which means they will debit your credit card monthly or you can pay for it for one or two years at a time. The domain will cost anywhere from $3 - $20 a year to keep registered and the hosting will cost from $40 and up a year.

If you desire a shopping cart, I will use to set it up. It is free unless you choose to have them process your online payments and then it is $6 a month. With Mals-e, if in the future, you wish to change hosting companies, your shopping cart will move with you and with no down time. That is why I love Mals-Ecommerce!