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We know it's tough to figure out the elements you need for a web site, but the more information you can share with DWD on this form, the better we can serve you, your business, ministry or family.

Please consider each question and give us as much information as you can. It is important we share your vision as we design your web site!

Our goal is to make you happy!
We look forward to serving you!

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or call me and I will do all this for you with a designer to client meeting via phone or in person.

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Your Name or Business:

Contact Name (if differant), Number & Email:

Do you already have a domain name? What is it?.
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Do you have a hosting company preference? N Y
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Your desired color theme:

Your Desired Theme: i.e. floral, executive, reserved, flashy, youthy, patriotic, food,
general, masculine, spiritual (Christian), angelic, elegant, etc.

Check any of the following you would likeincluded in part or in whole on your web site
Icons, special
Contact Information

Bulletins / Flyers
Newspaper Clippings
Business Card
Business Hrs / Address
  Book Cover / Jacket
Vision Statement
Purpose Statement

Other(s) - Define:

Pages / Links (Navigation): List them here:

Special Effects? i.e. Animations, Flash Intro, Flash Text, Cursor, Water Effects, etc.
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Special Attributes? i.e. Forms, Shopping Cart, Database, Chatroom, Music,
Photo Gallery, Bulletin Board, etc

Pictures / Images: Make a general list of what and how many here:

If you desire music, what is the name of the song(s)?

Email - list all email addresses needed:
Basic Pkg .= 1-5 email accounts
Starter Pkg = 5 and up

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